Florence, “la bella“, is the cradle of the Italian Renaissance. It is a city where ancient wealth, power, spirit and creative imagination have produced an incredible amount of artistic treasures. It is the place where “Dolce far niente“ and the enjoyment of art have joined and have reached their peak. Off the beaten track you encounter picturesque streets, medieval towers and the everyday life of the ancient city.

Be inspired by the Italian lifestyle. Enjoy both the Tuscan cuisine with its excellent wines and the comfort of the hand-selected luxurious hotels. Treat yourself, you are worth it.

“Everything about Florence seems to be coloured with a mild violet, like diluted wine.”

Henry James (1843-1916), Letter to Henry James Sr., 26.10.1869

The beautiful city Florence, which lies on the banks of the Arno River, is one of Europe’s pearls. It is overflowing with history and art. It holds some of the most magnificent masterpieces from the greatest masters of Humanism and the Renaissance. These masters have put their indelible stamp on the city’s personality through its art and architecture.

The city’s charm extends beyond its boundaries and spreads over the hills of the enchanting landscape encompasing Chianti, Mugello and the Val d'Arno. The region is a unique combination of nature and culture with its countless villages, historic town centres, ancient castles, churches and villas.