A trip to Torino also means a journey into taste, to savour with intimate pleasure in medley of sensations. Strolling beneath the elegant colonnades of the centre, your eye is caught by the inviting windows of the patisseries and the historic cafés, give in to the temptation of chocolates and cakes and essential in Torino, the hot drink like „bicerin“. A fun ritual takes place late every afternoon in the wine bars and clubs along the river... the aperitif. A cocktail or a glass of vermouth to go with sandwiches, and the evening is ready to start.

Come to Torino, live it, breathe ist spirit... you´re sure to be taken completely by surprise!

„Turin is like a house with many rooms, in every room waiting for a new surprise.“

(Giuseppe Culicchia, writer)

Tucked between plain and hills and surrounded by the Alpine Mountains, Turin is one of the most beautiful of Italy's cities, as well as one of the most important economic centers in the country. For centuries the heart of the Kingdom of Savoy, Turin was the theatre, the engine of Italian unification and was, initially, the Capital of the Kingdom of Italy. A visit to Turin and its hinterland, in discovery of the splendid Royal Residences that the Savoys had constructed between the 17th and 18th Centuries, is truly an immersion into these historic centers of power, as well as the hunting lodges, vacation resorts and venues of court life.

Nature enthusiasts will not want to miss the occasion to visit the Province's extremely beautiful Natural Reserve of Sacro Monte in Belmonte, or the Gran Paradiso Natural Park. Chocolate fans should also be aware that Turin is the certified capital of chocolate, and will not want to forget the pleasure, passing a bit of time in one of Turin's characteristic cafes, eating and drinking some of the best chocolate in the world.