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7 Days Luxury Wine Tour in Rheingau & Rüdesheim

If you are a true wine lover and have always wanted to get to know one of the best German wine regions like the Rheingau, this wine trip is made for you. For one week, you will be visiting the most famous and the most beautiful wine-growing estates and cultural and historical highlights the Rheingau has to offer. Join us on our trip exploring the Riesling. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Portier des Hotels Nassauer Hof© Hotel Nassauer Hof Wiesbaden

We will collect you at Frankfurt airport and take you to your 5-star hotel “Nassauer Hof”, one of Germanys’ jewels when it comes to luxury hotels. It is located in the heart of Wiesbaden facing the glamorous Kurhaus Wiesbaden. This will be the starting point of your journeys throughout the Rheingau.

We will welcome you at the hotel lobby and invite you to an aperitif followed by a lovely dinner at Kurhaus Wiesbadens’ very own restaurant “Käfer’s”, which is furnished with a collection of original items from Parisian restaurants and markets from all over France.

You will conclude the night at the Kurhaus Casino, one of Germanys’ oldest casinos and the place that inspired Fjodor Dostojewski to write his famous novel “The Gambler” in 1865 after indulging in his passion of playing roulette at the very same place.

© Weingut Balthasar Ress
© Henkell Sektkellerei

You will start your day off with an abundant breakfast. A memorable day in Wiesbaden and the Rheingau lies ahead of you.

Our tour bus will take us to the Henkell Winery, which is a representative classical winery built in Wiesbaden-Biebrich in 1904 by architect Paul Bonatz.

A guided tour of the premises will give you the opportunity to see the wine cellars of one of the most significant producers of sparkling wine in the world. It will give you a deep insight on the genesis of this sparkling pleasure. Let the prestigious rococo style marble halls impress you and see the astonishing 200,000 litre casks in wine cellars that extend over seven floors. Have a taste of exquisite varieties of sparkling wine at a tasting of Henkell products. Subsequently you will enjoy a nice lunch at the restaurant “Die Wirtschaft” in Oestrich-Winkel.

In the afternoon we invite you to a marvellous carriage ride through the vineyards. Enjoy the magnificent view over the Rheingau while the coachman takes you to the wine-growing estate Balthasar Ress in Hattenheim. The estate Balthasar Ress has achieved considerable attention in the wine trade for innovative projects, such as planting Germany's most northerly vineyard on the island of Sylt, near the border with Denmark, in 2009 and opening the wineBANK in Hattenheim in 2009. The Balthasar Ress wineBANK beneath the traditional estate manor enables wine lovers to store their wines in a climatically optimal vaulted cellar. We will enjoy an exclusively “tutored” tasting of high-caliber Balthasar Ress wines from different vineyard sites, grape varieties and vitages in the wineBANK and in the historical cellars of the manor house.

We will wine and dine together at the restaurant “Orangerie” at the “Nassauer Hof” in Wiesbaden.

© Weingut Schloss Johannisberg
© Michael Leukel
© Charterliner, van de Lücht

After your gourmet breakfast at hotel “Nassauer Hof” we will accompany you on your journey to Rüdesheim am Rhein with the yacht “Delphin”. Rüdesheim is one of the most popular and well-known cities of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley (also called Rhine Gorge) thanks to the “Drosselgasse”.

After a small stroll around the old city a cable car will take us high above to the Niederwald monument, which towers to a height of 38 metres. You will have a wonderful view on the Rheingau.

We will listen to our guide while hiking through the Niederwald landscape park which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Middle Rhine Valley and which has been visited by famous guests such as Brentano, Goethe and Beethoven.

We will then take a quick bus ride to the restaurant “Fraund’s Zehntenhof” in Oestrich-Winkel which serves slow-kitchen food and where we will enjoy an excellent lunch. After lunch, we will head to our next destination, the Schloss Johannisberg in Geisenheim.

In the middle of the Rheingau you will find the Benedictine monastery (founded ca. 1100) and castle “Schloss Johannisberg” (built between 1716-1725). It is the world’s oldest wine-growing estate for Riesling production. Since 817, there has been wine-growing on the mountain Johannisberg and from 1720 onwards it is exclusively dedicated to growing Riesling, like the world-famous “Schloss Johannisberger Riesling”.

In 1775, “Spätlese” (late harvest) was accidentally discovered and transformed into different types of wine of high quality like “Auslese” (selected harvest),  “Beerenauslese” (selected berries harvest), “Trockenbeerenauslese” (selected dried-berries harvest) and “Eiswein” (ice wine). These wines constituted the glory of Rheingau Rieslings. After 1816, the Princes of Metternich owned the castle and gave their name to the well-known premium sparkling wine.

Have a wonderful time reliving the history of Schloss Johannisberg at a guided tour and taste the selected wines in the historical Holzfass cellar (wooden cask) of the wine-growing estate.

We will have dinner at the nice “Gutsrestaurant” of Schloss Johannisberg with a wonderful view over the vineyards of the Rheingau.

© Weingut Schloss Reinhartshausen
© Weingut Schloss Reinhartshausen

You will have breakfast at hotel “Nassauer Hof” Wiesbaden for the last time and after checking out we will take you to the 5-star hotel “Schloss Reinhartshausen” in Eltville-Erbach on the River Rhine. You will reside at this 5-star hotel for the next four days.

Life at “Schloss Reinhartshausen” is dedicated to wine. You can feel the breath of history in its venerable walls, light hallways and dark cellars. Everything breathes Riesling.

Everyone who heads out to the wine-growing estate “Schloss Reinhartshausen” will find history and stories, the old and the new, world-renowned vineyards, a mystic island and its own spirit that catches every single soul and makes it part of its own legend.

We will be received with a glass of “Insel-Secco” sparkling wine in the castle’s courtyard. Subsequently, we will head to the castle’s very own landing stage and take a boat to the wine island “Mariannenaue”, which is part of the “Schloss Reinhartshausen” wine-growing estate.  During our guided visit to the island, we will see an unforgettable landscape with old trees, very special vineyards and an old manor. We will taste different wines from the island as well as the world-renowned vineyard sites of the Middle Rheingau. After the boat ride back to the resort's dock, we will enjoy a delicious lunch in the castle’s winter garden.

Each and every one can spend the afternoon at their own disposal.

Take a stroll through the beautiful historic centre of Eltville (it’s a 25 minutes walk along the river Rhine on the “Leinenpfad” footpath). On your walk you will see the electoral castle with its rose garden and its Gutenberg exhibition, Crass castle, which is the town’s oldest building, the town hall, the town’s medieval alleyways with timber-framed houses, ancient noble houses and patrician houses and of course the idyllic promenade of the river Rhine.

Today's dinner is served individually in a restaurant of your choice.  It is our pleasure to help you choose and reserve our prefered location.

Kloster Eberbach Eltville Rheingau Basilika Name der Rose Drehort© Stiftung Kloster Eberbach
© Farkas

After breakfast our tour bus chauffeur will escort you on a journey to the Eberbach Abbey, which welcomes all its guests with open doors and an open heart, true to its slogan “porta patet, cor magis”.

In 1136, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux founded the Cistercian monastery. The spacious estate and its romantic and early gothic interiors were brought to public attention when it gave place to the filming of Umberto Ecos’ “The Name of the Rose” a few years ago. But the actual reason for Eberbachs’ world-wide recognition are the monks who cultivated wine for more than 700 years. During the Middle Ages, the Eberbach Abbey was the most prosperous wine-trading company in the world.

During a round with our competent and knowledgeable guide you will feel the unique atmosphere of the old venerable abbey and you will learn valuable information about the eventful history of the Cistercian order. Let the rooms of the monastery, reserved to those that are consecrated as choir monks, captivate you while you savour exquisite wines in the pleasant aura of candle light and the cool vault of the cabinet cellar.

We will have lunch together at the traditional, down-to-earth restaurant “Klosterschänke”. Its interior is adorned with a historical cross-shaped vault and the restaurant serves Hessian cuisine.

The following stroll will lead us along the Bernard path to an important wine-growing domain owned by the state of Hesse, the wine-growing estate of the Eberbach Abbey. Its winery cellar “Steinberg cellar” is one of the most state-of-the-art wineries of Europe, it is integrated perfectly into the beautiful landscape and its vineyards and won an architectural award in 2010. Learn more about the extension of their Rheingau Rieslings at a guided tour of the Steinberg cellar.

In the afternoon we will go to the wine-growing village Kiedrich and visit the Dionysius and Valentinus church (completed 1380) which was named Basilica minor by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010. The gothic interior of the church is very well-preserved and its organ is one of Germany’s oldest playable organs and impresses its visitors with almost 1000 pipes. A guided historical tour will give us an insight into the genesis of the church and we will have the amazing opportunity of listening to the organist play for a little while.

At the end of the day, we will enjoy a wonderful dinner on the terrace of the restaurant Kronenschlösschen in Hattenheim. 

© Wegeler
© Schloss Vollrads

After breakfast we will hop onto our tour bus and go to the manor house of the Geheimrat Julius Wegeler wine-growing estate in Oestrich-Winkel in the Rheingau, which was founded in 1882. We will take part in a wine tasting themed “Queen Riesling meets King Pinot Noir”.  The estate owns a remarkable number of “Grand Cru” vineyards and its sparkling Riesling “Geheimrat J” (2004 vintage) was awarded best sparkling wine world-wide in 2014. We will then savour a rustic but never-the-less fine wine-growers’ snack at the atmospheric manor house with delicious regional products.

In the afternoon we will visit “Schloss Vollrads”, a castle and wine-growing estate embedded in vineyards just above Oestrich-Winkel. The family of the “Reichsfreiherren von Greiffenclau” started growing and trading wine more than 800 years ago and lived in the Tower House which is the Riesling-growing estate’s landmark.

Dive into the wonderful atmosphere of the castle. It is one of Europe’s oldest wine estates and it has had famous visitors like Goethe in 1814. You will be delighted by the walk-around wine tasting at the castle and especially by the castle’s wines.

We will conclude our last evening together with dinner at restaurant “Zum Krug” in Hattenheim and you will savour the culinary specialities and a good drop of wine from the Rheingau.

© Michael Leukel

Enjoy your farewell breakfast at “your” castle “Schloss Reinhartshausen”.

We conclude our wine trip, which was filled with insights and outlooks and memorable impressions and after checking out of your hotel “Schloss Reinhartshausen” in Eltville-Erbach, your chauffeur will take you to Frankfurt airport.

We are happy to assist you in case you want to prolong your stay before or after the one-week programme at Wiesbaden and the Rheingau region.