Teatro La Fenice

The most important opera house in Venice

Modest from the outside but splendid from the inside with its legendary acoustics and its world-class, modern stagecraft.

The name "La Fenice", or "The Phoenix", is very symbolic. Not only does it embody the many changes throughout the history of this traditional opera house, it also describes the immortal, ever-changing art of the opera. You can sense the transformation, night by night.

Teatro la Fenice in Venice© Michele Crosera
Teatro la Fenice in Venice©Michele Crosera

Franz Schubert
Sinfony No. 7 in b minor D 759, Unfinished Symphony

Alfredo Casella
Sinfony No. 3 op. 63

Conductor: Jeffrey Tate

La Fenice Orchestra

Venice: La Fenice Opera House

Gioachino Rossini
Guillaume Tell, Ouverture

Benjamin Britten
Soirées musicales op. 9 

Ludwig van Beethoven
Sinfony No. 7 in A Major op. 92

Conductor: Jeffrey Tate

Orchestra del Teatro La Fenice

Venice: Malibran Theater

Hector Berlioz
Harold en Italie op. 16
Viola: Ula Ulijona

Claude Debussy
"La Mer" 

Igor Stravinskij
Firebird Suite (1945 edition)

Conductor: James Conlon
Viola: Ula Ulijona

RAI National Symphony Orchestra

Venice: La Fenice Opera House

Fabio Vacchi, Veronica Franco
per voce recitante, soprano e orchestra 

verses: Veronica Franco
written work: Paola Ponti

soprano: Silvia Regazzo
actress: Giovanna Bozzolo

Conductor: John Axelrod

La Fenice Orchestra

Venice: Malibran Theater

Silvia Colasanti
New composition "Nuova musica alla Fenice"
with Fondazione Amici della Fenice
(world premiere)

Nino Rota
"La strada" ballet suite 

Gino Marinuzzi
Sinfonie in A

Conductor: Giuseppe Grazioli

La Fenice Orchestra

Venice: Malibran Theater