Venice, “la Serenissima“, offers romantic promise for all lovers. It is the city of endless bridges, canals and gondolas. It is also famous for the most colorful season of the year: carnival. This magical city is bedded in a lagoon that seems to float between the water and the sky. Time has a different meaning here, particularly when you are immersed in the stunning beauty of the ancient palaces and churches. Dive into the maze of canals and alleyways and experience the incomparable charm of this vibrant city full of colour and fragrance. Treat yourself to a gondola ride through the quaint, outlying channels and enjoy a few “Cicchetti“ with a glass of prosecco in one of the traditional “Bàcaris“.

"When I seek another word for ,music’, I never find any other word than ‚Venice’."

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

Off the Adriatic coast in the region of Veneto is one of the most evocative and romantic places on earth: the Venice Lagoon.

The city of Venice rises from the heart of this incredible water landscape. The Serenissima with its wonderful bridges, gondolas, monuments, plazas and quaint streets lies serenely with the water at its feet. Surrounding it is a garland of islands in which history and art blend with the old trades and the beautiful sea.

The same charm can also be found inland, where the walkways follow gently flowing rivers strewn with adorable little towns and splendid villas.