Paola tells

The floating piers

Lago D’iseo

Underneath my feet I sense the vibrant water of Lake d’Iseo. I walk barefoot on a landing stage wrapped with gold shiny fabric and seem to float above the water. This unique experience of an art event I owe the artist Christo and his latest project called " The Floating Piers” on Lake d’Iseo.

Christo connected two islands Monte Isola and San Paolo to the mainland by a floating bridge about a distance of 3 kilometers and a width of 16 meters. Even the streets in Sulzano and Peschiera Maraglio are wrapped with golden panels.

Walking on water: it is a special moment for me to perceive with different perspectives and points of view a piece of art in this way. In the meantime, I just sit on the floor and enjoy the movement of the gentle waves.

Obviously, I am not alone despite the late hour this evening. Hundreds of people are trying to do the same: to be part of an art project that you can experience, walk on and to sense it! It is a shame that it is already a few days in the past… 

As I return to the shore it is already dark and I also walk on the streets in Sulzano on the designed gold shimmering fabric panels. Where else is a golden carpet laid out for you?

I have been given as a souvenir a small piece of nylon fabric, with which the floating piers are covered and many invaluable memories will accompany me on my way home …

Apart from this breath-taking event, I explored for you the unique surroundings. Northern Italy offer more wonderful lake landscapes next to Lake d’Iseo. Furthermore you can find Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and Lake Garda with many historic villages and countless attractions at the shore and gorgeous scenery. They offer all travellers a unique and mystique beauty… extending in all directions!

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Gripsholm Castle


“I visited a very special place in Sweden. I explored the fairy tail-like Gripsholm Castle, which is also the name of a beloved book, “Gripsholm Castle”, written by renowned author Kurt Tucholsky. It is a book that many German people are likely to be familiar with or have read when they were young. Unfortunately, the author lived a quite unhappy life, but he is now buried in the beautiful cemetery of Mariefred located near the Gripsholm Castle grounds.

Gripsholm Castle was also very famous during many different time periods throughout history, in particular from the 14th to the 19th century.

A particularly glorious time for the castle was when the famous King Gustav III of Sweden celebrated his Christmas and winter holidays on its grounds. The court accompanying him hated the castle because they found it cold, unpleasant, and too far from Stockholm city.

It is the same Gustav III after whom Giuseppe Verdi composed his popular opera “Un Ballo in Maschera”. The opera concerns some aspects of the real-life assassination of this Swedish King, which took place during a masked ball at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm at midnight on 16 March 1792.

Gustav III had a passion for music and theater, which is why he commissioned a fantastic theater in one of the towers of the Gripsholm Castle.

The castle and the theater can be visited on guided tours and is one of the most fascinating places to see when visiting the countryside around Stockholm, Sweden.”